Why Doulas are Needed

I wrote an article for Clinician's Today in September of 2018 on the importance of doulas and why they are needed. But I wanted to go in greater deal on the support aspects of our practice. We are lay support professionals. Doulas are the people who can and will hold your hand while you are scared. We will listen to you when you need reassurance. Often hospitals are extremely busy places. Having a doula for the birth process or even during a pregnancy loss will provide more comfort. Having a doula is like having a friend available through birth or a medical procedure that you may need extra help during. Birth doulas are becoming more recognizable within today's society and their presences in some hospitals are even welcomed.

But the labor and delivery units in most major cities across the United States normally are a flurry of activity. Labor & Delivery nurses are the first line of support however they have twenty or more patients to support. Call light after call light they are stretched thin but having a trained birth worker available would be ideal. You need water, your doula will bring it. Do need help during a particularly hard contraction, she will help you with comfort measures to ease your pain. And if you have any questions or concerns that the staff can't answer, your doula can answer them and if she doesn't have those answers she can be an advocate for you to help get those questions answered.

And last but not least, postpartum doulas support the new parents and families. Often after a few days of family and friends coming over to hold and cuddle the new baby,you're left alone. You're left alone with this new tiny human who cries, poops and sleeps 24/7. If you're a brand new parent or this is your second or even your third child a doula can help you!!! We can support you through those difficult transitions. We will support you through any and every choice you make for your baby and your family. So let us support you today!!!

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