Great ideas for baby shower gifts..Doulas!!!

We all love going to baby showers and bringing the expectant parents loads of gifts wrapped up in pink or blue wrapping paper or boxes of things from one of their gift registry's. But what about gift certificates for a postpartum doula? Of course diapers,clothes and bottles are needed but what happens when the new parents are left alone after all the visitors have come to see the new bundle of joy?

Postpartum doulas basically "take up the slack" in so many words. We provide physical and emotional support but we also provide a variety of other things such as:

1. Making meals. Some doulas provide meal prep and making meals within the services that they offer. Eating a nutritious meal is very important in the healing process after giving birth, especially if you plan to breastfeed. Some doulas will even work with families who have specific dietary needs such as vegan or vegetarian.

2. Light Housekeeping. This is also an optional service that we offer. Having that extra help around the house makes it easier for the new mom/parents bond with the baby(babies) Housekeeping may include doing laundry for the little one as well. Also pet care may be included but this is something that individual postpartum doulas choose to do.

3. Errands. Doulas will run errands for you especially grocery shopping.

4. Assistance with newborn care. We will help you take care of your baby/babies. Even if this isn't your first baby we will still help you feed him or her and change diapers etc.

5. Companionship. I know that concept may sound strange but providing companionship is necessary after all the family members have gone. We will be there just to talk. If you're scared or you feel like you don't know what to do, we will be there for you.

6. Community referrals. Do you need a referral for a support group? A pediatrician or a psychiatrist that specializes in maternal mental health? We as doulas have all those local resources available.

So the next time you're thinking about a baby shower gift, think about a gift certificate for postpartum care. Ujima Doula Services has gift certificates in increments of $50 and $100.

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